Grupo Gusi has relationships with producers of calves at a national level through a wide network of livestock accumulation and commercialization.

In this way, the acquisition of young and healthy livestock which provides its maximum performance in the fore coming stages of production.


Once in Grupo Gusi’s production unit, the cattle are divided into lots according to age and weight and transferred to pastures free to graze.

This stage allows the adaptation, growth and preparation for the intensive fattening phase.

The consumption of natural pastures combined with balanced meals, provides the unmatched juiciness and flavor of our meat products, as well as insurance that our animals are never submitted to duress, guaranteeing international standards of animal well-being.


When the cattle have reached its goal weight during grazing, it is transferred to the intensive fattening facilities.

Our Stocking Production Unit possesses the following Certifications:

  • Good Practices in Confined Bovine Stocking Production
  • Trusted Supplier of Clenbuterol-Free Cattle

Both certifications before The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA). During this stage different formulas of food are offered to the cattle monitoring daily their consumption and alimentary conversation in order to ensure that at the end of the intensive fattening stage the cattle has had the most effective feeding, which will then translate into an excellent quality of meat products.


Our Feed Plant enforces the highest quality standards in selection, reception, storage and mixture of ingredients in order to obtain the highest quality of feed for our cattle.

The feed preparation process is carried out under the advisement of animal nutrition experts who formulate specific diets for each phase of the fattening stage.

The grain used in the formulation of our feed is acquired from Mexican agricultural producers, therefore Grupo Gusi is fomenting employment and profit in the Mexican fields.


Packing: The term Packing implies all of the activities required in the transformation of meat products in which the following processes are listed:

  • Slaughter
  • Eviscerating
  • Cutting and Deboning
  • Added Value
  • Hamburger Line
  • Frozen Storage

All listed processes are provided with state of the art technology and equipment. Also, all operations at this stages are carried out under a Safety Performance System.

Our Packing holds the following certifications:

  • Federal Inspection Certification (TIF No. 388)
  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000)
  • Mexico Supreme Quality
  • Hazard Analisis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Animal Welfare Certification
  • Removal of Materials of Specific Risk for BSE
  • E.coli Addendum

Grupo Gusi’s trained personnel and ability for fast response have allowed it to attend the most demanding national and international clientele in a practically immediate manner.

Abattoir: The stunning containers, the transportation chain, the removal of skin and platforms for work are automated and synchronized with the production line, allowing maximum comfort for the abattoir personnel and providing the facilities with the ability to process up to 1,200 animals per shift.

Eviscerating: The eviscerating area is provided with scalding equipment made with French technology, allowing it to afford the viscera with a finished product that is recognized internationally. Additionally, the area has exclusive space for vacuum packing of the processed viscera with tunnels that produce frozen wind shears which deliver a fast freezing of the products reducing depletion and therefore benefitting our clients.

Cutting and deboning: This area has been extended recently integrating four work tables with the capacity to process up to 1,200 channels per shift. In order to achieve this renovation, equipment from Uruguay was used which provided simplicity and quickness to the process, generating a safe environment that avoids cross contamination in our meat products.

All meat products that are processed in this area are packed in a high vacuum, ensuring their shelf life.

Added Value: This corresponds to a very versatile area which can be created according to the needs of the client. It has the capacity to process marinated, matured, portioned, dehydrated and injected products.

In this area, meat products can be packed in a high vacuum and offered in a piece or individual (portioned) presentation since there is equipment available for both cases.

All processes and technological appliances are focused on the efficiency and quality of our finished products.

The hygiene and safety of our process allow us to deliver products that possess both the client’s specifications as well as the declared shelf life.


GRUPO GUSI tends to the needs of various segments of the market, for instance convenience stores, Food Service, Wholesale, Processing, and Final Consumption, reaching them through our Distribution Center and National Points of Sale, offering a wide variety of products such as piecing, added value products, hamburger, packed viscera among others (skin, bone, grease, etc.)


Grupo Gusi is proud to export meat products to many countries. Currently we are authorized to export to: Canada, United States, Panama, Chile, Japan, Puerto Rico, China, Hong Kong, Angola, Congo, Russia, Cuba and Vietnam.