At Grupo Gusi we are committed to improving the quality of life of our workers and the community of Tamuin, San Luis Potosi; we achieve this by creating relationships which contribute to the improvement of the working atmosphere with actions that express a deep respect of the environment, the communities and that incite sustainability.

We attempt to become an agent of change in our neighboring communities, since it is important that every action that we carry out has a positive impact on the common wellbeing, which is why we work as a team with the National Association for the Improvement of the Human Person (ANSPAC) and other government dependencies, providing training to wives and mothers of our workers to empower them and provide them with a way to generate extra income for their families. Grupo Gusi does not make any distinction of race, gender, ethnicity, social condition, religion, or political affinity at the moment of defining the communities to benefit from its programs. The actions and programs carried out are based on aspects of social strategy according to the resources, viability, and possibilities of the company.

The actions and programs undertaken are geared towards education, health, the promotion of sports, training, self-improvement, and caring for the environment.


    An axis related to the commitment and actions of Grupo Gusi geared towards the boosting of the development of our collaborators, that their work environment fosters their empowerment and increases their quality of life. We have developed different internal policies with the purpose of improving the quality of the worker.

    Actions and programs:
    • Work for women in a situation of maternity: we support female personnel when during their pregnancy, so that they receive their salary during this time and feel supported by our team.
    • Internal Communication Switchboard Use Policy: We regulate the use of information switchboards as a tool of internal communication to spread and add value to the information generated by the company.
    • Education for adults: we developed a work model to promote the education and self-improvement of the company’s collaborators. With these programs they are able to finish their studies and receive their primary and middle school degrees.
    • Employee of the month: we promote a sense of belonging by acknowledging the collaborator with the best performance and service activity.
    • Internal promotion policy: we promote the career development of the collaborators by inviting them to compete for job openings that would represent their growth.
    • Equity and gender: conferences are imparted to transmit respect and equality between men and women, and we generated equal work without harming the dignity of each collaborator.
    • Promotion of sports: we have developed sports activities such as internal soccer tournaments and races encouraging work and family harmony.

    An axis related to the values and culture of the company, which guide its actions and commitment to other interest groups.

    • Ethics committee: the goal of the Grupo Gusi ethics committee can be summarized in three functions.
    • Performing permanent actions to identify and limit particular behaviors or facts in specific situations.
    • Ensuring that all the members of the company know, understand and comply with the code of ethics in order to enforce the values and principles shared within the company.
    • Act as the company’s orientation guides in issues related to the implementation and compliance with Grupo Gusi’s code of ethics.

    An axis relating the commitment and participation of the company with the development of society and the environment.

    Actions and programs:
    • Donations Policy: We have established support mechanism for community and institutional projects executed by public, private or general public entities that improve the quality of life of the communities.
    • Gusi women entrepreneur: We develop training for women from different communities and colonies to generate self-employment.
    • We coordinate with ANSPAC in working to foment values in children and teenagers who live in the municipality of Tamuín San Luis Potosi.
    • We link actions and programs with other companies in order to enhance social and urban development.
    • Home orchards: we train workers and students to family and school orchards, looking to support our society’s diet and nutrition.

    • An axis related to the companies mechanisms to sustainable and responsible use of the resources, concurrently working in risk prevention and environmental impact.

    • Actions and programs:
    • We develop activities focused on environmental awareness, tree donations, with students of different school grades seeking to reforest nearby communities.
    • Dangerous residues: we separate dangerous residue resulting from maintenance to be collected by a firm specializing in confinement and recycling.
    • Production of bio fertilizers: we produce compost and organic fertilizers made with the manure produced by our cattle.
    • Sustainable use of water: we have a rainwater collection dam and a water treatment plant.
  • Impact

    Since the creation of this area the following has been achieved:

    • More than 1,800 families have been benefitted by the creation of Jobs for the people of nearby communities.
    • 111 women have been trained to develop self-employment.
    Some of those women participated in the ¨ Little Wal-Mart Producer¨ event, producing woven sandals. More than 350 pairs were produced in 6 months, generating $87, 500 pesos in order to support the sustenance of their homes.
    Other women participated in the ¨woven fantasy¨ Project in which women entrepreneur created more than 30 garments in a month and prepared the exhibition of their creations.

    • Gusi tree nursery: thanks to the connection created with academic institutions the donation of 93 trees and the creation of the Gusi tree nursery was achieved.
    • Promotion of sports: the creation of the first athletics family race, Run with Gusi, and take the challenge. Also, the 48th anniversary of the company created the commemorative race in benefit of the UBR and Tamuin, with 1,500 racers, Gusi workers among them, as well as sports clubs, citizens of Tamuin and nearby communities